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I feel there is a great deal of talent laying in each of us...

...and that it's my job to provide a knowledge and understanding of how to best use that talent. With a passion, I love to teach performance techniques in voice, music, dance, and various other fine arts activities. My entire life I have been an aspiring performer and enjoy every learning opportunity I meet. My goals are to:


with my passion for the performing arts with others by assessing and motivating them to develop their skillset.



others to use their instrument properly and efficiently by teaching specialized skills and techniques so that they may utilize their talents to it's fullest potential with confidence.


lessons with my students to enjoy both learning and performing through fun and exciting teachings allowing them to embrace their natural talents and use them with ease and comfort.




Private Lessons

Singing, In studio


I learned to play the guitar a couple of years ago and wanted to learn how to add to my arsenal by singing as well along with playing the guitar. I was brutal, tone deaf to the up most degree so I found Kelly online and figured I would give it a go. Kelly is beyond amazing, she makes you feel so comfortable in sessions which was huge because my confidence was low. I have been with Kelly for 5 months now and couldn't be more happy with my progress and confidence to sing. If I could I would see here every day, not only has she help me find my voice and take to where I never thought It could be. My sessions with Kelly are the best part of my week because how fun she makes them. I would recommend Kelly to everyone and anyone from beginner to advance she's truly the best.

-Lane O. 


Techniques such as breathing, diction, pitch, tone, posture, rhythm, smoothness, and stage presence will be practiced. I do my best to develop lessons that are tailored to each student based on their individual needs. Lessons start simply with gentle vocal exercises based on humming and open vowel sounds. Each student can expect to be challenged through exciting stimulating exercises. I also teach techniques to improve posture, poise, and vocal performance. I enjoy using simple scales to improve pitch and volume while also working on clarifying the students voice.


A students performance, whether they aspire to be a performer, teacher, or just enjoy performing should have a positive self-portrait of themselves. We will work on building confidence so we as performers can take pride in ourselves and what we represent. My students are expected to practice outside of the lesson. I also encourage them to keep a practice journal of when and how long they have practiced. It helps the students to trouble shoot areas of their performance and take the opportunity to ask questions during the next lesson.



- To develop an understanding of basic music theory.

- To take responsibility for their musical and vocal growth.

- To reach for improvement and not perfection.

- To work on the memorization of a performance.

- To try their hardest with each lesson.

- To come to each lesson with an idea of what they would like to achieve.

- To constantly sing correct pitches and rhythms in all songs/performances.

- To practice correct posture and breathe support. Most importantly,

- To enjoy their performance and learn to embrace the natural talents they are given.


I am located in Justice, IL, working out of a studio space consisting of a computer with a mock recording studio area for music and keyboard. There is also seating for parents if they desire to attend lessons. Please keep in mind that you’re seeking a voice teacher/coach, not a pianist. I do not fully accompany my students as my main focus is on training the voice. Please discuss any piano or accompaniment concerns with me directly.



I highly suggest the student have their own keyboard/piano. I do have a keyboard and music along with theory books and lesson plans but would expect a quiet work environment for the student to pay attention. 

Keep in mind that you’re seeking a voice teacher/coach, not a pianist. I do not fully accompany my students as my main focus is on training the voice. Please discuss any piano or accompaniment concerns with me directly.



In vocal performance and technique: Estill Voice Training, Opera, Classical or Bel Canto technique as well as Musical theater, Lyric Soprano and Alto, but have many clients from many genres and vocal types. Music: Classical, Contemporary, Rock, Pop, Christian, Country, R&B, Hip Hop.


With a wide variety of techniques, I try to help the actor develop themselves as an artist. Meisner, Stanislavski, Chekhov, Strasberg and other techniques will be studied and applied to help the actor find the right techniques that work for them.


I create safe supportive environments, with the accent on individuality and personal attention. My lessons are designed around the individual’s needs, desires, goals and personality so no two lessons are the same. Sessions are designed specifically to allow you to grow at your own pace; I am here to help you along on that wonderful and exciting journey towards being a master of your craft.


Whether it is improv, film, on camera, commercial or musical theater work I feel it is my job to provide you with the tools for developing your skills and get you well on your way to acquiring the knowledge you need to tap into your special talents and improve your self-confidence and stage presence.


I work from a small studio located in Justice, IL. There is also seating for parents if they desire to attend lessons.


Musical Theater, commercial, spokes model, live theater, film, on camera and improve.


Private Lessons

Acting, In studio


"Kelly has been my son's acting instructor for the past three years. Kelly's broad knowledge of acting techniques coupled with her engaging and fun teaching style was a BIG win for my son's self-confidence. Kelly's can do attitude and positive outlook is contagious. She inspires you to want to improve your craft; having fun in the process. Kelly taught my son techniques that are useful in all aspects of communication; skills he can take into his adult life. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is interested in acting, improv, public speaking or an overall tune up on how to read and respond to social situations. Thanks Kelly!"


-Linda D.



Private Lessons

I offer a wide range of dance lessons including but not limited to Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, flexibility and technique training as well. For younger children voice, rhythm and movement is also offered.


Regardless if you’re an adult who is considering learning something new, or you’re a college student working on perfecting your line I am here to help you develop your understanding of dance and how it works best on your body. Students can expect to reach all of their goals and much more!


Private Sessions are always tailored to the individual student. I go at your pace and I challenge you as much as you need to be challenged in order to promote the fastest growth possible. Whether you would like to prepare for an audition, learn a elegant ballroom dance for your special wedding day or become a better performer, I am here to help make sure you reach and or exceed your goals.


Currently after relocating from downtown Chicago, I do not have a dance studio space- if interested in dance lessons, please discuss lesson options with me directly.


Musical Theater, commercial, spokes model, live theater, film, on camera and improve.




A truly talented and amazing teacher! We learned our wedding dance from Kelly and coming from a guy with two left feet, she did an awesome job guiding us through and teaching us cool choreography to make us look good!


Kelly is extremely professional and takes her time understanding what you want to accomplish and teaches at a great pace where you learn while continuing to move forward. Each lesson progressed very nicely while we learned in her studio. It was a very comfortable space and we nailed down exactly what we were aiming to do. We learned three types of dance: ballroom, tap, and a Swing/Bollywood hybrid.


Kelly guided us through each and made sure we were comfortable and happy in the end. She even cut and mixed the three songs together for us! I would highly recommend Kelly as she has a warm heart, great attitude, and is a wonderful teacher!


By Parag H.



Personal Training


Each session is uniquely geared for each individual and their goals. I feel it is important to love the skin we live in and we should know how to take care of ourselves. My personal training is more than just exercise, I believe in giving you experiences to not only help you reach your wellness goals but to make a healthy lifestyle change for life.


We will incorporate sound nutritional choices, exercise, and a positive mental approach to sculpting the body. I uniquely shape strength-endurance programs for weight loss, toning and sculpting, weight maintenance and balanced living focused people. When clients follow my personal training plan, they lose at least 5-10 lbs in the first month!* No extreme dieting, detoxes, excessive cardio or training.


Fitness testing and questionnaires are used to establish a baseline and goal, and then I create a program tailored to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. I am also a professional fitness competitor and work with competitors for competition training and stage posing. From brides to fitness professionals, I can create a personal training that will truly change your life, not just your weight.


Be the next to transform yourself. Try personal training in Chicago with me for a month and see the results! Areas of study include but are not limited to Strength and Endurance training, Flexibility and agility training, Stretching and Yoga (Hatha and Vinyasa) Pilates, metabolic conditioning training, circuit training, Kickboxing/Boxing and cardiovascular endurance.



I do online training/coaching, for in-person inquiries please speak with me directly. I am located in Justice, IL. Resistance bands, mats, and light weights and other exercise equipment are used.



Strength and Endurance training, Flexibility Metabolic conditioning training, circuit training, kickboxing/boxing and cardiovascular endurance. I also am a group fitness instructor, virtually at the moment with Covid-19 restrictions.



I want to help you to thrive in every area of life. I believe this means taking care of yourself so you can be your best and give your best every day.


With my nutritional coaching, you will get a personalized recommended Macronutrient/meal breakdown, a suggested grocery or food list, a supplement guide, customized meal plan, and a custom workout plan. I also offer support and weekly check-ins as well as diet tools to help you track your progress and stay on track.


The structure of each program is tailored to the individual’s desires, age, gender, lifestyle, body type and more. Let me help you get started on the path to reach your health and wellness desires.



Strength and Endurance training, Metabolic conditioning training, Circuit training, Nutrition implementation, and Flexible dieting.


Nutirition & Lifestyle



Kelly is a dancer, singer, actress and fitness model. She can be booked for private hire for lectures, private lessons, photo shoots, boot camps, group fitness classes, and special events (i.e. weddings, special events and etc).

If you are interested in hiring Kelly for your special event please use the contact form below.


7450 Banks St.

Justice, IL 60458

(312) 882-8786

Parking is available



10 AM - 6PM


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